Educational objectives
• Curiosity about the natural world
• Making hypotheses about the phenomena and processes occurring in nature and  verifying them.
• Practical use of scientific knowledge.
• Respect for nature.
• Observations, measurements and experience.

The scope of material
• My surroundings and I
• Orientation in the field
• Observation, experiments
• The immediate area
• The man and the environment
• Properties of substances
• Polish and European landscapes
• The human body
• Health and health care
• Electric and magnetic phenomena in nature
• Earth in the Universe
• Lands and oceans
• Landscapes of the world
• Transformation of substances
• Movement and forces in nature

• Using the concepts of nature
• Using scientific instruments
• Ability to carry out experiments, observations
• Ability to hypothesize
• Inference
• Knowledge of Polish and world geography
• Understanding of the fundamental rights of physics and chemistry
• Sensitivity to nature

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