• If my child has special learning needs he/she then be eligible for Mies?

    Through the services of the Student Support Team, MIES has the resources to provide up to three hours per week of support outside the classroom.Students requiring more support than this for their success are not eligible for admission.Students with significant social-emotional difficulties who need a special learning environment may not be eligible for admission.The resource teacher, speech/language teacher, guidance counselor and principals are members of the Student Support Team (SST). The SST identifies students with mild learning differences through formal and informal assessments. Parents and classroom teachers are included in the process.Students may receive classroom accommodation and/or additional small group support.
  • When I have completed all the Application Forms and submitted it - is my child then ready to enroll?

    Some students applying for our Elementary School are invited for an enrollment interview prior to an acceptance decision being made.Depending on the age and grade level of your child, the enrollment interview will vary from a talk-and-draw session to a math and reading assessment. A test to determine your child's level of English will also be given.The parents/ legal guardians are invited to be present during the interview.The interview enables us to get to know you and your child and helps us understand what requirements and expectations you have for your child. For the students invited to come for an interview the interview will be the final determination of your child's academic level and readiness for our program leading to an acceptance decision.
  • Should my child should be fluent in English to enroll at Mies?-and what if she/he is not?

    Classroom instruction is carried out bilingual in English and Polish. MIES therefore supports both English and/or Polish Language development so that students can be successful in their classrooms.The ESL/ELL program provides support to children with limited or no English capability. The goal of the program is not to replace the child's native language but to add English. Academic language development is stressed, enabling students to participate successfully in their regular classes. The skills of reading and writing, speaking and listening are integrated in all classroom activities to reinforce learning.
  • How old should my child be to enroll at MIES,and which grade will he/she be eligible for?

    Meridian admits children from the age of five. Your child must turn five by the 30th of August of the year he/she is entering Grade 0, and six years old by the 30th of August by the year he/she is entering first grade and so forth.Students who are coming from other educational national systems will be placed at MIES in accordance with their current grade level.It is important that students have completed a full grade level before advancing in to the next grade level. If a student has not completed a full grade level when enrolling at MIES the student will be placed in the same grade to ensure the completion of that grade.




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