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Meridian International School was established in 2005 and registered with the National Ministry of Education as a private Elementary School. The school’s building has been thoroughly renovated and adjusted to the highest standards.

Meridian International School follows the national curriculum accepted by the National Ministry of Education. In addition, our program is extended by extra classes with native speakers. 

Our students come from different countries, which is why classes are conducted both in Polish and in English.

Our teachers have qualifications to teach in both languages.

Each classroom is equipped with a computer with access to the Internet and a media projector which helps to make the lessons more interesting and stimulating.

There is a computer lab in the school, a multimedia room, a library, a school canteen and a common room.

To fully aid the children’s physical development, Physical Education instruction takes place at a swimming pool, where they learn to swim. At the gym the pupils do general physical exercises and corrective gymnastics.

Our pupils have the opportunity to develop their interests in various extra-curricular clubs. The school also organizes day trips and the “Green School” annual trip.

The school is mainly about people: the pupils, their parents and teachers. The element that connects everyone is an atmosphere of trust and friendship. Both the principal and the teaching staff are open to the parents’ ideas and suggestions about the school, as it is supposed to be a place where anything is possible.

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 You are always invited to visit our school

  • Address: Wawelska 66/74, 02-034
  • Warszawa-Ochota
  • Ph: +4822822 15 75 
  • Fax: +4822822 20 13
  • Email: esinfo@meridian.edu.pl



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