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Meridian Elementary School follows public school regulations (entry into the record of non-public schools for the city of Warsaw with the number 71) and is a school where the Polish core curriculum is followed, along with extended English. Our students attend both Polish and International classes starting as early as grade 0. After lessons, pupils participate in various club activities, relax and play in the Common Room or do their homework supervised by our teachers. There is school catering available. Our students may also use the school bus to get to school and back home.


For the upcoming 2017/2018 school year, Meridian Elementary School will be opened for grades 0-7


The two main languages in Elementary Meridian are Polish and English.Foreign students learn Polish as a foreign language. All students follow an extended English curriculum and in international classes, English is the main language for most subjects. We offer additional groups for Spanish, French, German and Turkish (available with certain amount of students willing to participate.

School Hours

School hours for the 2017/2018 school year:
Monday-Friday:          8.30am - 3.35pm
Breakfast break:        10.05am - 10.15am & 11.00am - 11.10am
Lunch break:             1.40pm - 2.00pm
Extra club activities:   2.00pm - 5.00pm
Common Room:         2.00pm - 5.45pm

School Uniform

The students of Elementary Meridian are obliged to wear the school uniform. It is available in our school at the beginning of the school year.

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Get In Touch

 You are always invited to visit our school

  • Address: Wawelska 66/74, 02-034
  • Warszawa-Ochota
  • Ph: +4822822 15 75 
  • Fax: +4822822 20 13
  • Email: esinfo@meridian.edu.pl



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